Prima di svolgere il test leggete attentamente quanto segue:
  1. Completate gli esercizi in tutte le parti. Se non sapete una risposta, non segnate a caso o cercate di indovinare. Compromettereste il risultato.
  2. Perchè il test sia valido dovete rispettare il tempo indicato.
  3. Verrete contattati al più presto per ricevere le correzioni.

1) Read the text below and choose the correct word (A,B,C or D) for each space.


Are you in touch with many people during the day? I am sure you communicate with a lot more ...1... you did only five years ago. Nowadays we can “talk” to people in different ways, not ...2... face/to/face and on the phone, but also via Internet. For this reason it is very important ...3... everyone to be able to improve their communication skills. Although technology is improving day by day, during ...4... years, you have to learn how to communicate in a pleasant and useful way with people. ...5... are four golden rules for an excellent conversation.

NUMBER 1: You must be as clear as you can. If you don't exactly know ...6... you mean, none understands you.

NUMBER 2: You must work ...7... at listening by paying attention to what the other person is saying.

NUMBER 3: When you speak to someone ...8... you have to ask him/her what he/she thinks, and not tell him/her what you think.

NUMBER 4: Try to respect people as much as you can and give them time to say what they want, showing interest ...9... what they say.

Using these ...10... you'll be a a very good communicator.

  • like
  • than
  • as
  • that
  • yet
  • even
  • just
  • still
  • for
  • if
  • by
  • from
  • close
  • last
  • late
  • recent
  • there
  • so
  • such
  • or
  • when
  • what
  • which
  • whom
  • hard
  • much
  • great
  • another
  • else
  • other
  • each
  • whom
  • on
  • for
  • to
  • in
  • way
  • rules
  • instruction
  • recipe

2) Reading comprehension.

I am an actor and I like much more working in the theatre to working on a film or on a TV series. When I have a part in a play, I spend a long time learning my lines and then there is a long period of rehearsal with the other actors before the first night. The good thing about a play, however, is that you are standing up on the stage with a real live audience just a few metres away from you. At the end of the play, if they have enjoyed it, the people all clap and you really feel good.It’s interesting to read the reviews in the newspaper, but it’s the people who are there who really matter. Working in film or television, however, you spend too much time waiting in the studio while the camera crew make all the technical arrangements .You sometimes have to do the same bit over and over again until the director is satisfied with your performance. Then it is months or even years before the film or programme appears on the screen .By then, you’ve forgotten all about it and you’re in the middle of doing the next thing, anyway.

Choose the best answer A, B, C, or D:
Why does the actor prefer working in the theatre?
A) you have lots of time to practise
B) It’s the same every night
C) There is a live audience
D) He always gets good reviews
What does the actor dislike about working on films?
A) it can be boring
B) you can get lonely
C) it is easy to forget your lines
D) you have to do two things at once.
Fill in the missing word in these sentences
A is someone who write in a magazine or newspaper
A guitarist is someone who a guitar, often in group.

3) Listening comprehension

If you can't hear the audio click here

Look at the four pictures.
Listen and decide which picture, 1, 2, 3, or 4, matches what you hear.
Where is the smartphone in each picture?
What time does the woman's bus leave?
What does the girl decide to eat?
Which piece of equipment does the girl need?
Dettagli studente

How many eyes does a typical person have (e.g: 4)?

“Una lingua diversa è una diversa visione della vita.”

Federico Fellini

“Non esistono lingue morte ma solo cervelli in letargo.”

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