Prima di svolgere il test leggete attentamente quanto segue:
  1. Completate gli esercizi in tutte le parti. Se non sapete una risposta, non segnate a caso o cercate di indovinare. Compromettereste il risultato.
  2. Perchè il test sia valido dovete rispettare il tempo indicato.
  3. Verrete contattati al più presto per ricevere le correzioni.



Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence, using the word given.

About 15 minutes

You must use between two and five words.

You can ҆t use a mobile phone in here.


You use a mobile phone in here.

it wasn’t necessary for you to bring all these books


You brought all those books

You should park on the other side of the road


You to park on this side of the road

The library was built too far away from the town centre


They the library nearer the town centre

These exercises should be continued for six weeks


You doing these exercises for six weeks

It was wrong of you to give him my address


You him know my address
Read the text and think of the word which best fits each gap. Use only one word in each gap.

About 20 minutes

Do we really need to sleep ?


Someone gets by on four hours sleep a night, and someone else claims it is () of time. So why ( ) we need to sleep? The answer () that no one knows. Some believe that sleep gives the body a chance to recover () the day’s activities, but in reality, the energy saved by sleeping for eight hours is minimal - about () same as that obtained from eating a piece of toast.


One way to understand the role of sleep is to look at () happens if we don’t get it. Lack of sleep has serious effects () our brain’s ability to function. After one night without sleep, concentration becomes difficult. If sleeplessness continues, the part of the brain () controls language, memory, planning and our sense of time is affected.


In () words it seems we must all sleep in () to maintain normal levels of skills () speaking.


But () we spend a third of our lives sleeping , it seems that () is no set amount of time time that everyone needs to sleep each night. The only definite fact is that none of us can manage without it.

Listening: Computer games with intelligence

multiple-choice questions

  1. Read through the questions below
  2. Now you listen and choose the best answer (A, B, C or D)

    If you can't hear the audio click here

  3. Then listen again to check your answer.

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  4. Listen to the questions.

    If you can't hear the audio click here

About 40 minutes

Computer games with intelligence


1 In the first paragraph, the writer says that computer games

A) have got much better recently
B) are not as good for children as reading
C) can improve the intelligence of young people
D) are now used in many different ways by children

2 According to the writer, in the last twenty years IQ tests have become

A) a substitute for examinations
B) more difficult than they were in the past
C) a way of increasing young people’s income
D) more reliable than they used to be

3 Is the complexity of modern life the reason for the gap between the young and the old generation?

A) yes, it is
B) no, itsn’t. It’s better nutrition
C) no, itsn’t. It’s higher living standard
D) no, itsn’t. It’s improved education

4 What does the writer say about young people and electronic equipment nowadays?

A) They sometimes find the equipment confusing
B) The equipment makes things too easy for them
C) Equipment is an important part of their daily lives
D) They depend on the equipment for their entertainment

5 According to the writer, what remains unexplained about children ҆s intelligence?

A) why levels of some types of intelligence have remained unchanged.
B) why there has been such a rapid rise in general intelligence
C) how children can develop their verbal and mathematical skills
D) how the improvement in intelligence levels can be continued

6 Research indicates that violence in computer games

A) can sometimes be addictive for children
B) may lead to aggressive behaviour in children
C) can make some children nervous or afraid
D) may have little effect on children

7 If you want to improve your IQ, you need

A) perseverence
B) vigorous exercise
C) to be fit and healthy
D) continuing stimulation because our brain is like a muscle

8 Some people say that playing computer games may affect young people’s ability to

A) make decisions on their own
B) tell original stories
C) find work which satisfies them
D) develop physical skills
Read the following sentences and match the phrasal verbs to their meanings

About 15 minutes

A) Begin to understand
B) Concentrate on something
C) Explain something to someone
D) Learn something without trying
E) Calculate something
F) Understand something you listen to or read

I can’t work these figures out in my head!
I was so nervous that I couldn’t take in what he was saying
He catches on to new ideas very quickly
He’s good at getting complex ideas across
She couldn’t get down to her homework
She picks up languages very easily

Reading Comprehension

Read the text below and choose the correct answer: A, B or C

About 30 minutes

We need journalism to elevate humanity

It’s a paradox of this moment in human history. We have a vast universe of information at our fingertips, yet we struggle to understand the forces that shape our world.

The very technologies and social-media platforms that were supposed to bring us together have been used to incite division and undermine our democracy. Power comes from “ we the people”, yet public trust in institutions continues to decline. The free press that ensures transparency and accountability is under attack all over the world. We’re surrounded by unprecedented prosperity but also shocking inequality, leading to calls for a new, more equitable and sustainable form of capitalism. Artificial intelligence can make us smarter, wealthier, and healthier, yet algorithms decide which articles we read.

In moments of transformation like this, how do we ensure that we’re elevating humanity and not undermining it?

More than ever the truth matters. Facts matter. Values matter. Whatever organization, business or institution we’re a part of, we need to realize that we are not separate from the larger social issues that surround us. We have a responsibility not simply to make a profit but to make the world a better place. We have an obligation to serve all our stakeholders, including employees, communities, and our planet. When we do, each of us can be a platform for change and a force for good.

This includes a free and vibrant press, which helps us understand our world and the stories of our fellow human beings. We are inspired- and moved to action-by families grappling with injustice of economic inequality, by entrepreneurs striving to use technology ethically and humanely, and by young activists demanding that we address the climate crisis that imperils our planet.

What we do know is that the changes we seek won’t just happen on their own. They’ll occur only when we truly listen to one another and recognize that everyone matters and deserves an equal chance to succeed and lo live with dignity and opportunity.

There are shocking stories of homeless people that need to be told. These are the stories that we need to hear –and that should inspire every one of us to do what we can to serve all our stakeholders and to improve the state of our world.

1 What should be the role of technologies and social media platforms nowadays?
A to improve our communities’unity
B to threaten our democracy
C not to sow conflicts among the countries
2 Have we all today really become smart, wealthy and free thanks to artificial intelligence?
A no we haven’t, because algorithms have manipulated our choices
B yes we have , because we are surrounded by prosperity
C no we haven’t, because we are still poor
3 How can we become a platform for change?
A by trying to understand and to share the responsibility of social issues
B by realising that we are not alone
C by serving all our stakeholders
4 What’s the word ”grappling”(line14) mean?
A to be involved in something
B to fight
C to fasten
5 Who are the stakeholders?
A partners
B members
C a group with an investment plan
Dettagli studente

How many legs on a typical dog? (e.g: 5)

“La lingua non è oggi peggiore rispetto a ieri. È più pratica. Come il mondo in cui viviamo.”

Noam Chomsky

“Chi non sa le lingue straniere non sa niente della propria.”

Dicono di noi

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