Prima di svolgere il test leggete attentamente quanto segue:
  1. Completate gli esercizi in tutte le parti. Se non sapete una risposta, non segnate a caso o cercate di indovinare. Compromettereste il risultato.
  2. Perchè il test sia valido dovete rispettare il tempo indicato.
  3. Verrete contattati al più presto per ricevere le correzioni.



Complete the second sentence so that it has similiar meaning to the first sentence, using the word given.

About 30 minutes

You must use between two and five words, including the word given.
I can’t remember the plot at all
I what the plot is about.

I don’t know who the winner of the competition is.


I don’t know who the competition.

I am afraid I’ve lost the tickets.


I‘ m afraid the tickets.

She planted some flowers in the garden, but they are nearly all dead now .


The flowers she planted in the garden now.

I was talking to her mother.


I to her mother.

It’s been three years since I started to work here.


I three years.

It is Miranda’s first visit to Scotland


Miranda to Scotland before.

It’s over a year since I last saw him


I over a year.

They don’t know what the problem is.


They what the problem is.

She hasn’t got any money left.


She money.

She has just had her first child


She her first child.

Listening comprehension

You’ll hear people talking in six different situations.
For question 1-6, choose the best answer A, B or C.
You will hear each extract twice .

If you can't hear the audio click here

About 40 minutes


1You hear a woman talking about a film

What does she say about the film?

A The story is difficult to follow
B The film is better than a book
C The setting is unusual

2You overhear two people talking in the street

What are they talking about?

A a play at the theatre
B a concert
C a film on Tv

3You hear an actress being interviewed on the radio.

What is the actress doing?

A giving an explanation
B making a comparison
C offering advice

4You turn on the radio in the middle of a programme.

What is the relationship between the speakers?

A mother and daughter
B boss and employee
C teacher and pupil

5You hear a woman on a phone –in radio programme complaining about a problem.

Who is responsible for the problem?

A some workmen
B the local town council
C a mobile phone company

6You overhear two people talking in a cafè.

What has the woman just taken part in?

A a competition on the radio
B an oral examination
C a job interview


Complete each sentence using indirect speech with the words in brackets in the correct tense.

About 25 minutes


Karen was going to miss the bus, so I told her (hurry up)


The box was too heavy for me to carry, so I asked John (if/give me a hand)


When I went through customs at the airport, the officials told (open my suitcase)


Stephen wanted to buy some new shoes, so I told (that/there are some good shops in the town centre)


Laura was very worried about her test , but I said (not worry,it/ be fine)


I wanted to buy the camera, so I asked (how much /cost)


He didn’t want to go to the meeting, so he said (that/do not have time)


Peter was talking too fast, so I asked (if/slow down)

Reading Comprehension

Read the text below and choose the correct answer: A, B or C

About 40 minutes

REALITY TV : is it the road to success?

Jerry Freeman was one of a group of contestants who agreed to live for a year on a desert island, with cameras following their attempts to survive together. He left the island after five months, and later accused the producers of the show of misrepresenting him, claiming they had edited the film to make it look as if he was throwing a chair in face of one of the women. “I am not 5 an argumentative, aggressive, a nasty piece of work. It was shocking, he told a journalist later. The producers led the public to believe that the other contestants were glad to see the back of me but It wasn’t true. After returning home from the island. Mr Freeman said he was unable to continue with his college course as other students wouldn’t’ talk to him, and he had to take antidepressant pills. The Tv company has agreed to pay him £16,000 compensation.

Francis Blenk was the winner of one of the first reality TV programmes to be shown in England some years ago. Blenk was originally a builder, and comes from Liverpool. After the series ended he admitted: “ I don’t know why I won. You’ll have to ask all those people that voted for me”.

Blenk donated £70,000 prize money to teenager friend Jo Harris, to help pay for a heart and lung operation in America : ”She is a unique young lady and it is wonderful to be in the position to help her “ he said at the time. Blenk later had a five-album deal with a record company but he was dropped after his first single. However he has continued to raise money for charities as well as appearing regularly on daytime television shows.

Jennifer Grant was joint first prize in a TV contest called Operatunity, in which ordinary people had the chance to be transformed into opera singers. But there is nothing ordinary about Jennifer. She is a blind woman of amazing determination who has succeeded against all the odds. She has always dreamed of a musical career, but this was prevented by the birth of her children. Being a blind mother of three is a challange.” It’s the hardest job in the world” she says.”Keeping them safe is definitely more worrying than anything that cab happen to you on stage” Now the children are all at school, she is free to pursue her dreams, and after Operatunity she is better placed than she had ever hoped for.”Now I have sung on stage at the London Coliseum I am a different person” She said the morning after her triumph .”Winning the contest has changed my life”.

1 Contestant means
A someone who has your same interests
B someone who joins you on a show
C a candidate on a TV show
2 Why did he leave the Island?
A Because the producers disappointed him
B Because the producers misunderstood him
C Because he said the programme gave an untrue picture of him
3 "to be glad to see the back of someone" means
A to be happy that someone is leaving
B to get rid of someone
C to make fun of someone
4 "a builder" is
A an engineer
B an entrepreneur
C someone who constructs something
5 "he was dropped" means
A Blenk didn’t like to work further
B Blenk was tired of the programme
C They abandoned him
6 Did Jennifer Grant win the first prize?
A yes, she did
B no, she didn’t
C she shared the first place in the competition with another person
7 "Against all the odds" means
A by all means
B against any hope
C against all predictions
Dettagli studente

How many eyes does a typical person have (e.g: 4)?

“Perdonate colui che non parla che una lingua: non sa ciò che fa.”

Francoise Vaucluse

“Quante lingue può imparare un bambino? Tante quante avrai il tempo di insegnargli dedicandogli del tempo.”

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